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Parking Lot Cleaning in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

Parking Lot Cleaning

American Sweeping Service meets with the client to determine the type of equipment needed to clean and maintain your parking lot. Our equipment will remove broken glass, paper, rocks and any other litter that makes your business look bad. Afterwards we dispose of the material at an environmentally safe site. This process gives our client peace of mind in knowing that their customers will not get hurt from slips and falls in their parking lot. It also makes your business look good!

Street Sweeping

Street Sweeping in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

We use full size municipal street sweepers that sweep a 12 foot path on the street. Our trucks are equipped with dual steel gutter brooms to clean along edges, curbs and walls, and a main broom mounted under the truck to dislodge debris from the pavement. Utilizing a 16,000 cubic feet of air per minute vacuum system, our trucks can pull all material removed from the surface into a six cubic yard hopper, where the material is contained and the air is cleaned and reused. With this process we have the ability to clean surfaces in a variety of conditions whether your debris is as light as feathers or as heavy as large stones. Our trucks have the ability to remove packed-on heavy debris; while doing what no mechanical broom sweeper can do to pick up from pavement cracks the fine particulates such as micron-size dust and ultra-fine sand.

Street Sweeping can create multiple benefits such as storm water pollution control, aesthetic beauty, preventive maintenance of roadways, and reduced air pollution

Power Water Flushing

Power Water Flushing in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

We have custom built water trucks designed to power clean your parking lot or yard. Our trucks our equipped with six customizable pressure nozzles with the ability to move up to 400 gallons of water per minute and a hand hose to get to those tough to reach areas a truck can’t get to. Power washing your parking lot or yard can remove those stuck on mud and dirt debris that street sweepers just can’t pick up. Power washing can also prepare the pavement for either repaving, seal coating and (or) re-striping.

Construction Site Cleanup

Construction Site Cleanup

On site we use Regenerative Air Broom Sweeping Trucks. Our trucks will remove all dirt, sand, gravel, nails, screws and other construction debris from the site. The sweeping is done with a unique dust suppression system that we designed, which traps the dust inside of the truck preventing possible air quality control problems. This eliminates issues that may arise with DEQ or local municipalities.

Parking Lot Cleaning in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

Apartment Complexes

Using back pack blowers we collect everything from underneath and around any and all obstacles, I.E. parked cars, covered parking areas, and flower beds, moving the dirt and debris to an area where our sweeper truck can vacuum it up and remove it.

Industrial Plants & Yards

We work with the customer to choose the most beneficial date and time to meet their needs. This allows the client time to prep the yard for cleaning. By this we mean remove, rearrange, or consolidate their product and equipment. By doing this the client receives the best service possible.

Maintenance Contracts

We offer monthly maintenance service to a variety of customers. Initially we will meet with the customer at the worksite and do a walk-through of area to find out exactly what the customer’s needs and expectations are, and what the best method of cleaning. Whether it is a Sweeper Truck, Flusher Truck, or Pressure Washing; whatever fits the customer’s needs the best. We also work with the customer to develop a schedule that would allow us to complete the work with the least amount of disruption for the business.

Pressure Washing - Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

Pressure Washing

Using high pressure cleaners with 4000 pounds per square inch we remove all moss, dirt, and loose paint. This prepares pavement for either repaving, seal coating and (or) re-striping. Pressure washing sidewalks, driveways, parking lots, and curbs can make these areas look like new.

Catch Basin Cleaning

Drain and Catch Basin Cleaning

Our trucks are designed with high power vacuum tubes that are inserted into the drain and catch basin to evacuate all liquid, sand, dirt, rocks and any other debris that has accumulated. Periodically cleaning out of drains is necessary to keep your drains functioning properly and efficiently.

Portable Water Delivery & Irrigation

Do you need some water? To fill a pool, test a septic system, pressure test water pipes in a newly built structure for leaks. Watering of recently planted trees, shrubs or grass areas. Dust control on unpaved roads, construction sites, and dirt lots. For any reason you need clean water we can deliver.